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 Post subject: Grapefruit!
PostPosted: Mon Oct 29, 2012 9:42 am 

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This isn't a recipe but a preparation/presentation tip. It's an elegant way of preparing grapefruit segments for whatever you need them for: a recipe or just to eat.

You will need a long, sharp knife for this (not a fileting knife, though). The sharper the knife, the better.

You will also need a seedless grapefruit. The grapefruit should be of a size that you can hold in your hand, but it shouldn't be too small, either.

The technique:

(1) Cut the top and the bottom off of the grapefruit. You will want to cut through the pulp so that the grapefruit is showing. These cuts are made so that the grapefruit will remain stable.

(2) Following the contour of the grapefruit, from top to bottom, cut away the skin and the pulp, leaving the fruit intact.

(3) Over a bowl, take the grapefruit in one hand and the knife in the other. Slice through one side of a segment, separating it from the pulpy interior then slice through the other side in the same way, finally flick the segment into the bowl. Continue until you have done all the segments. The last segement may be a bit difficult, but if you change the position of your hand and the knife until you can give the last segment a bit of support, you should have no trouble cutting it out of the pulp.

You will, at the end of the operation, find that you have a bowl of grapefruit segments with a bit of juice and a bunch of pulp that used to contain grapefruit segements. Throw the pulp away.


(1) You might find a pip (seed) or two, as even seedless varieties have some in them, and this will obstruct the knife a bit, so you will need to rock the knife a bit to get round it.

(2) Don't worry about the grapefruit slices sticking to the knife: they will be so wet with juice that this won't happen.

This method may sound hard, but it is really very easy to do. It makes for a grand bit of showmanship, too, once you have it down.

You can also use this method on large oranges.

VoilĂ  ce qui va se passer !

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