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Lotus Focus

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This game is also known as ZaZen.


Object of the game

You must sit still and meditate, using a candle as a focus.

Equipment required

This game requires use of:

  • The Wii Balance Board


Lotus Focus has a MET of 1, meaning that it is a light intensity activity.


Lotus Focus takes no more than three minutes. If you fail to sit still, however, the game will end before the three minutes are up.

How to play the game

  • Sit on the Wii Balance Board without moving a muscle. If you move, even just a twitch, if you breathe in and out too heavily, if you even shift your weight just a bit, the game will end, and you will not achieve the top score.
  • While you play, your focal candle will burn lower. If you manage to sit still for three minutes, the candle will burn itself out.
  • The game presents various distractions to try to make you move. The distractions fall into two categories: sound and sight.
    • Sound distractions: These include a man clearing his throat, heavy footsteps, and the whining of a mosquito.
    • Sight distractions: These include the flickering of the candle and a moth committing suicide in the candle's flame.


There is only one level of Lotus Focus.


Your score is based on the number of seconds that you were able to sit perfectly still.

Perfect score

This game has a perfect score of 180. This means that you have been able to sit still for 180 seconds (three minutes).

Hints and tips

  • Find a comfortable position on the Wii Balance Board before the game starts. This can be a cross-legged position, sitting with your legs extended, or, if you can manage it, the lotus position. Whichever position you choose, make certain it is one you can hold without moving for three minutes.
  • Keep your breathing regular and not too deep. Too deep a breath can be interpreted as movement by the game.
  • Focus on your inner thoughts rather than on the candle: this will keep the distractions from disturbing you, possibly causing you to move.
  • If sound are too distracting turn the volume lower or off.
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